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Family Promise

What is the Family Promise Ministry: Family Promise is an interfaith organization dedicated to help homeless and low income families achieve and sustain independence. In 1982 founder Karen Olson, a marketing executive in New York City, saw a homeless woman on the streets. She offered her a sandwich and learned that this woman needed someone to listen to her as much as she needed food. It wasn’t long before Karen and her sons were bringing food to the cities homeless. She soon became aware that there were hundreds of homeless people, including families in her own community of Union County, New Jersey. Karen turned to the religious community for help. The first Interfaith Hospitality Network was established in October of 1986. Since then Family Promise has grown to over 150 affiliates across the country including our own Family Promise of Ouachita.

What is our church doing to help this ministry? Family Promise of Ouachita is under the direction of Sandra Jones and is located at Berean Baptist Church in Monroe. There are 12 churches that share the responsibilities of host congregations. First Baptist of Calhoun is one of these churches. As a host congregation we house families for one week each quarter. Cots, which Family Promise provides, are brought to the church on Sunday by the previous congregation’s coordinator. The families arrive at our church by 5:30pm. Charlene Ragan organizes the dinners for each night. Pricilla Purdy provides snacks each day for the families. Shower facilities are offered to our guest each night. Charlotte Bingham comes by each morning and washes and dries the towels and any bedding as necessary. Danny Bryant provides a sumptuous breakfast each morning.

What Can You Do? Presently there is an opening for night host coordinator. If anyone is interested let me know. Night host stay with the families each night. Seven night hosts are required for the week the guest families are with us. Any donations of clothes, office supplies, personal care products and yes even money, would be greatly appreciated. If you would like more information you can visit the national organizations website at or

 For more information contact the church office at (318) 644-5101.


Missions are a priority at First Calhoun. We are in an all out effort to reach anyone and everyone for the Kingdom of God. Whether it is here in our own community or around the world we pray we serve where God would have us to be.

First Calhoun had the privilege of hosting the first Acts 1:8 Weekend in the state of Louisiana. Among renewed hearts and the spread of a greater since of commitment, the weekend brought forth the concept of our Mission Strategy Team (MST). This group of individuals has the responsibility of meeting on a regular basis in order to pray over and plan all church sponsored trips for the upcoming year.

In years past our teams have traveled to Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Africa, Egypt, West Virginia, South Dakota, New Mexico and Hackberry, LA How can you be a part of our missions?

Short-Term Missionary: Each one of our Short-Missionaries is responsible for 50% of his or her respective trip cost. The remaining balance is provided through fundraisers such as our annual golf tournament and new in 2010...our first annual skeet shoot. Our church is also a huge supporter of our short-term missionaries thru both prayer and giving.

Sponsor: If you would like to sponsor one of our Short-Term Missionaries or if you would like to donate in order to support our mission efforts… please do so. Simply make your donation check payable to First Baptist Church of Calhoun, and please write on your check "Designated for Short-Term Missions". We will apply those funds directly to the needed balance, and you can rest assured that you have helped us reach someone else for Jesus!

Please contact us if you have questions.

After Him,

Ken Phillips


 Threads of Love

We use various skills and can help anyone wishing to join our ministry. The following items are hand or machine sewn for preemies and well babies: • diaper shirts • caps • blankets • bibs • burial garments • burp cloths • other items to help care for babies. Threads of Love meets every third Saturday of the month in the Massey Building from 9 AM to 12PM.